We almost lost everything because I wasn't guarding my MOST Treasured Relationship.

I was investing other places, so my heart was divided.

I had to make a change to save everything I held most dear

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We almost lost everything because I wasn't guarding my MOST Treasured Relationship.

I was investing in other places, so my heart was divided.

I had to make a change to save everything I held most dear.

That's OUR story.

If you are concerned about your marriage or are just feeling a little lost in your most intimate relationship, join us for the 5 Day FREE "Let's Be Us Again" Challenge!
What IS the Let's Be Us Again Challenge?
5 Days will include...
  • Vulnerability: Aaron and Megan share their story and failure in a relatable and vulnerable way.  The only way to survive old wounds is by acknowledging them, learning from them, and moving forward together.
  • Life Altering Lessons: From the failure, Aaron and Megan learned some LIFE ALTERING lessons that changed the entire landscape of their relationship for the better. They will share these Lessons they call "The 4 Pillars of Treasure Relationship."
  • Practical Application: Lessons aren't good for much without some good old fashioned practical application.  Aaron and Megan give practical ways you can plug these truths into your relationship starting TODAY.
  • Clear Path Forward:  We all need hope for ourselves, our love life, and our future.  Aaron and Megan pass on the hope they've grown in for the past 25+ years of marriage and help you see your path forward as well.


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Who are Aaron and Megan Hovivian?
We are far from a perfect couple. 

We have our ups and our downs, we struggle through kid issues, we don't always see eye to eye, but one thing we are determined to do is to TREASURE and VALUE one another above all others.  

We believe that, "where your treasure is, your heart will be also," and that the true secret to guiding your heart is to invest in what you truly treasure.  That's what we talk about in the 5 Day "Let's Be Us Again Challenge."

We’ve come to realize after 25+ years of marriage, that the struggles, the ups and downs, the difficult seasons, those are all just part of life, but we are determined that WE WILL make it through all of it together

If that’s your heart too...or maybe, at this point, all you can say is that you want it to be...we hope you’ll join us for the FREE 5 Day Challenge!

Aaron and Megan 

Here's what others are saying about Aaron and Megan...
Don't take our word for it... You can read their words instead!
Just weeks away from our 10 year anniversary and I can honestly say this is the healthiest season of our entire life together. Marriage takes selfless dedication, hard work, and the desire daily to mirror the unconditional love of Christ. With the support, guidance, reassurance, wisdom and availability of Aaron and Megan it has made the tough moments less heavy and the joyous moments shine brighter. The Hovivian’s have walked us through raising our children, buying our first home, relapses, and family and friends deaths. Life is doable alone, marriage is possible just leaning on each other but the support of strong, wise, Christ like citizens of heaven makes the road a little less scary. Thank you Aaron and Megan for continuing to faithfully show up in our lives and boldly pouring into us the last 10+ years...
-Brooke and Adam.

Daryl and Ali
“I can’t really measure the ways that Aaron and Megan have made us a stronger couple. There’s so much to unpack with them in all the right ways. Their faith in the Lord as their guiding light has helped us see through them what a common and strong foundation brings to a relationship. As we’ve navigated business failures, family losses, troubled children we are able to hold onto each other, lift each other and be with one another, truly just be with one another through the common foundations we’ve built....”
Shelly and Ramie
"Aaron and Megan have impacted my life in more ways than I could have ever expected. They’ve given me the confidence to be able to accelerate my professional and personal life. One of the biggest impacts has been in Aaron’s fathering heart; helping guide me through some really deep father wounds and being able to experience that kind of love has changed me forever. In my marriage; it has shown up as being able to have extended grace and understanding for my husband and being able to understand how to ask the right questions to come to a resolution. So incredibly grateful to have them in our lives."
C.J. and Lindsay
"Aaron and Megan are as genuine as they come. They have spoken into our lives personally and as a couple and have prayed with us through some of the most challenging years of our lives. Their friendship and counsel has been a huge source of strength and wisdom as we’ve made difficult decisions in stressful seasons. We’re so grateful for their coaching, love and direction!..."
 Let us HELP...

Is your love life in crisis? Are you afraid your relationship might not survive it?

Do you feel lost and are unsure how to save things?

You’re not alone. 

Covid and so many closures fostering isolation has wreaked havoc on many, many once strong relationships.

What’s the solution? How do you guide your heart back into loving each other again?

There is an ancient truth that goes like this,

“…where your Treasure is, your Heart will be also.”

So many people try and try to change their hearts but they are doing it all wrong. You CAN’T change your heart but you CAN guide it.

The secret to guiding your heart is by investing your treasure back into your relationship again.

Identify the issue...

Decide for change...

Take the first step...

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